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Tall Tree works with organic farmers in Delhi NCR and beyond to upskill and help them expand their businesses sustainably. 

Our associate farmers supply their produce to Tall Tree, and are remunerated fairly for their cultivation.


Tall Tree sources fresh produce from our associate farms for delivery to conscious families in New Delhi.


We also use these organic foods to make gourmet products in our artisan kitchens.


You order organic and natural foods from Tall Tree for your home. We bring fresh, organic foods straight from the farms and our artisan kitchens to your doorstep. No exceptions.

You pay after you get your veggies and are satisfied.


How it Works
The Organic Subscription

Tall Tree's goal is to provide trustworthy, transparent and conscious food to your doorstep. We are honoured to have served over 2000 households, embassies, schools and more in this pursuit.


The procedure for ordering natural and organic foods to your doorstep is simple:

We Share our List of Goodies Every Week with you, It Includes:

  • Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

  • Herbs, Microgreens, Exotic Produce

  • Seasonal Boxes - Fruit, Veg, Munch, Soup & Sourdough, Pasta & More

  • Artisan Dips & Condiments

  • Ready To Eat Soup and Salads

  • Aged Cheese

  • Sourdough Bread and Baked Goodies

  • Handmade Pasta & Pasta Sauces

  • Fresh Exotics, Herbs, & Microgreens 

  • A2 Milk, Butter, Paneer & More

  • Baked Healthy Eats

  • Honey, A2-Ghee, Cold Pressed Oils

  • Hummus, Pestos, Jams, Preserves

2. Just have a look and let us know what you would like (we Turnaround orders within a day, freshly harvested and prepared on the day for you) by one of the following ways:​

3. We will get working with our associate farms to have your produce purpose harvested based on your order and the best part is:

  • The day it gets harvested is the day you receive it – fresh. 

  • No old cold storage preserved vegetables.

  • Real ‘living’ food from the fields.  

  • Farmers are compensated and resourced fairly, enabling them to expand their operations.  

  • Artisan-made natural and healthy gourmet foods, tonics and superfoods.

4. Deliveries will be made EveryDay This Week! 

You are not bound to a subscription, we accept one-off orders, too!


We use eco-friendly packaging - good for the planet, the food, and you - and we encourage you to close the loop by returning boxes, paper bags, glass bottles and jars so we can recycle them.


The Organic Subscription

Order Now

This week's

Thank you for your order! We will get in touch within 24 hours to update you on its status.


Vermicompost from our farms
Chikoo (or Sapota) tree
Swiss Chard
Baby Capsicum
Planting baby saplings at the farm.
Organic mint
Enjoying the Desi cows at the farm.
Papaya growing at the farm


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