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Sun-dried Tomato & Pumpkin Sauce Stuffed Bittergourd

Sun-dried Tomato & Pumpkin Sauce Stuffed Bittergourd

Image source: talltreeindia


  • Bittergourd/Karela (5-6 pcs)

  • Sundried Tomato & Pumpkin Sauce (1 cup)

  • Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil, for frying

  • Salt, to taste

  • Black Pepper, to taste

: available in Tall Tree Organic Subscription


Serves 2

  1. Peel the bittergourd outer layer and then make a long diagonal cut through the centre for the stuffing whilst also carefully removing any ripe seeds.

  2. Pour mustard oil into a deep container for frying and heat on medium-high heat. Add the karela pieces and fry till they till golden about 5-10 minutes.

  3. Remove from the frying pan and onto a plate and wait a few minutes to cool and then immediately stuff the karela with the sundried tomato and pumpkin sauce. Once stuffed evenly coat the remaining sauce on the outer layer of the karela, coating well.

  4. Heat a skillet with ½ tsp of mustard oil and then carefully pan sear the stuffed karela till it turns crispy, which will take a few minutes.

  5. Plate and Serve!

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