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Veggies a la Plancha


Olive oil (30 ml or 2 tbsp)

Star anise (1 piece)

Bay leaf (one leaf)

Peppercorns, whole (8 pieces)

Cinnamon sticks (2 pieces)

Olives (8-9 pieces)

Cherry tomatoes (8-9 pieces)

Rosemary (1 sprig)

Carrots, peeled and sliced (two carrots)

French beans, sliced (30-40 g)

Artichokes (1 cup)

Garlic, peeled and chopped (30 g or 2 tbsp)

Salt, to taste

Black pepper powder (5 g or 1 tsp)

Cumin powder (5 g or 1 tsp)

Paprika powder (5 g or 1 tsp)

Dry red chilies (2 pieces)

Apple Cider Vinegar (15 ml or 3 tsp)

Basil leaves (10-15 leaves)

: available in Tall Tree Organic Subscription


Serves 3-4

  1. Gather all the ingredients. Process vegetables.

  2. In a non-stick pan over medium flame, add olive oil and whole spices (star anise, bay leaf, peppercorns, cinnamon). Heat them for 30 seconds then add olives, cherry tomatoes and rosemary. Heat for a few more seconds.

  3. Add vegetables (carrots, french beans, artichokes, garlic).

  4. Cook the vegetables for some time. Toss together and add salt, pepper, cumin powder, paprika, dry red chillies and vinegar.

  5. Finish with basil, cook over high flame, and serve (preferably in a cast iron pan).

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